Cavity wall insulation


Q. Does your home have a cavity wall? Is it already insulated? Is any remedial work required before it can be filled?

A. We will provide a FREE pre-installation survey to establish the state of your walls.


If you have a cavity wall, we can fill it - in just one day (dependent on size of property) - and reduce the heat lost through your walls significantly. This not only improves the BER (Building Energy Rating) but will reduce (or eliminate) cold spots throughout your home, enabling a more constant temperature to be achieved.

Not only does cavity wall insulation keep your home warmer in the winter months - but cooler in summer.


Existing houses

We blow Airpacks Ltd Korefill bonded beadvia numerous 22mm holes we drill (and fill after) in your external walls using a nozzle which coats the beads with an adhesive. This enables the beads to stick to each other, and to the walls of the cavity. The result of this solution - the beads do not shrink or settle, and will remain effective for the building's lifetime. KORE Fill Bonded Bead can also top up cavity walls that have some insulation already installed, as it is blown under pressure.

New houses

For new homes, we blow KORE Fill Bonded Bead internally, once the building is weatherproof.


Properties of KORE Fill Bonded Bead

KORE Fill Bonded Beads are water-repellant, so can be installed even below the damp proof course, and inside walls that suffer driving rain.

KORE Fill Bonded Bead achieves a U-value of 0.27 W/m2K (Part L minimum requirement) with a cavity of only 110mm. Filling a cavity of 150mm achieves a U-value of 0.20 W/m2K

KORE Fill Bonded Bead is kind to the environment as no CFC's or HCFC's are used during the manufacturing process. It is manufactured in Kilnaleck, Co. Cavan, and is a very lightweight product, resulting in fewer emissions than many other insulation products in its transportation to the customer site.


In use, it conserves fossil fuels, further preventing carbon dioxide emissions.

KORE Fill Bonded Bead is approved by the Irish Agrement Board

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