Attic & Cavity Wall Insulation



  • 70% of properties in Ireland are either uninsulated or inadequately insulated
  • Current building regulations call for 250mm - 300mm loft insulation
  • Up to 75% of your expensive heat escapes through uninsulated walls and attics
  • Insulation can be fitted to walls and attics of existing houses in one day
  • Every house and business requires a B.E.R. (Building Energy Rating) certificate before it can be put up for sale or rent
  • Insulation cuts fuel bills, reduces emissions and saves you thousands of Euros




Benefits of Insulation
Insulation is the most effective way to improve the energy efficiency of a home.
Insulation of the building envelope helps keep heat in during the winter, but lets heat out during summer to improve comfort and save energy.

Insulating your house helps to maintain a comfortable living environment by maintaining inside temperatures and reducing energy costs. Insulation creates a barrier above your ceiling which reduces the amount of heat entering the home on a hot day, and reducing the amount of heat loss on a cold day.

Because the majority of heat in most homes is lost and gained through the ceiling, this is the most fundamental step in creating a comfortable and energy efficient home.

Insulating a home can save 45–55% of heating and cooling energy. The insulation present in a filled cavity reduces this heat loss, making the house warmer or reducing the amount of fuel required to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Improved Thermal Comfort All Year Round
Insulation assists greatly in keeping heat within a building in winter and slowing the flow of heat into the building in summer. An insulated building will therefore be warmer in winter and cooler in summer, creating a more comfortable environment all year round.
Reduced Noise Levels
Insulation is an excellent sound absorber and can assist in reducing noise transmission through walls, ceilings and floors making the home or work environment quieter.

Saving on Energy Costs
Insulating can cut the cost of heating and cooling by over 40%. Insulating the ceiling of a house has the potential to save 20-30% on heating and cooling bills. Heating and air conditioning units don’t have to run as hard or as long to achieve the desired  temperature in the building.

Helping The Environment
Insulation is an acknowledged way to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels which add to the greenhouse effect.
Insulation will make your home more pleasant to live in. An insulated ceiling protects against high outside temperatures in summer and cold temperatures in winter making your home more comfortable throughout. Wall and ceiling insulation will help prevent draughts in your home.
A well insulated building presents a warm & comfortable living atmosphere